From 1982-1993 law enforcement officials had the Ford Mustang SSP (special service package) built by ford to serve as a light weight speedier option from the full-sized sedans on the market at that time. Over the years we’ve seen many changes with the vehicles used by our law enforcement. Now in 2018 they have AWD (all wheel drive) Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat in the works as well. It seems like every year more and more cars are coming out of the factory pushing a ridiculous amount of power so it makes sense that officers would need something with a little more power just to level the playing field. But what about a vehicle that isn’t made with the idea of assisting in a high-speed chase or special bust but instead made with the idea of bringing the community and those who protect it closer together? That’s where Polaris Industries, Whelen, Avorza and us come into play. Miami Police contacted us with an idea. They saw a slingshot we did for singer Luis Fonsi and wanted one of their own not to chase bad guys but instead to chase for a closer community and help mend the relationship between civilians and officers. Its something about the Slingshot that just draws everyone’s attention and the experience of riding one is unforgettable. The Slingshots design gives it that aggressive f1 car look and feel. Weighing only 1749 pounds with 173hp on a 5-speed manual transmission they are just as fast as they look. We had to find a way to keep those characteristics while still resembling a cop car style. black and white was obviously the color combo for this build with a custom pearl blue as the accent color on the roll bars. on the interior we went with the sport seats and reupholstered them with a diamond stitch pattern and blue accent. The steering wheel was changed to an Assault industries Ballistic D-shape steering wheel with blue accents. in order to change the steering wheel, you need to change the hub. In this build we went with Assault Aftermarket Steering Hub Adapter. On the exterior we added a roof and tastefully placed the Miami Police decals all over the bike and carefully mounted all the Whelen lights and sirens any police car can dream of. It had the perfect amount of red and blue lights with white strobes on the front, roof, and rear. The sirens and lights along with the style of the Polaris Slingshot were sure to be enough to get the communities attention and help start up conversations between our youth and law enforcement anywhere it went but the Avorza AV57 Forged Wheels is the icing on the cake. The AV57 has a directional design creating the illusion of movement. When the wheel is in motion it appears as if it is moving in reverse catching your eye as it zooms passed you on the street. The all white face and black inside just add that element of fun and excitement to the bike making it feel more inviting and approachable. I can’t wait to see this Slingshot on the streets and at events all across Miami. In the short time we had it at the shop every customer that came would say “WOW What’s that?” or “Man if that’s what cops get to drive I want to be one.” So, there’s no doubt in my mind that this will do great in creating a long-lasting relationship between our officers and our community. it was a great experience to be able to build something like this and a special thanks to Polaris Industries and Whelen for donating a Slingshot, lights and sirens for this build. We donated the work from paint to installation cause there’s nothing better then giving back to your own community.