From its aluminum-alloy body down to its high strength steel boxed fame the ford f150 is one tough truck. But there’s always room for improvement. On this build we went with Fab Fours Vengeance front and rear bumper set up. They allow the truck to have a more aggressive appearance and also flow well this the body of the truck. The new light weight steel is also a plus on fab four’s end being that your mpg won’t suffer as much from the added weight. Another plus to these bumpers is the lighting. The front bumper (FF18-D4552-1) allows for a 20” LED light bar and some LED cube lights to replace the factory fogs to help illuminate any off-road adventure you might encounter. On the rear bumper (FF15-E3251-1) there is also the option of upgrading the reverse lights to stronger LED’s and the high strength steel adds a little more protection against impacts. on the side we installed some Fab Fours side steps(J1043) with a twist. These steps don’t come textured where you step allowing us to use our CNC to make a cover either matching your tire tread or any design you may like and spraying it in Kevlar for a better grip. the Bushwacker pocket style fender flares (20945-02) give the truck a wider stance and helps keep some of the dirt and rocks from hitting the body. It also creates a flush look if you don’t want that negative offset style. On the suspension a 6” lift allowed us to get the clearance we needed to wrap the Fuel Ambush 22×9 wheels in some Toyo Open Country 35’s. if this isn’t enough to make your presence know a horn blasters train horn set up is sure to make it happen. The F150 on the tailgate was wrapped in 3m 1080 series gloss black film for some extra detail to flow with the custom painted ford logos. Recon 3rd brake light to flow with the medium smoke done on the tail lights and LED set up on the rear bumper. With all these upgrades there’s only one thing missing. A reliable alarm system to let you know your car is safe anywhere you leave it. In this case we went with a Clifford GPS smart start system so you can start the car and track it all from your mobile device. The proximity sensors along with the Horn Blasters train horn set up are sure to scar the pants off anyone who tried to touch this beast while the owners not looking. This is just one of those builds that offers a little something for everyone who cant decide what they want to do to their truck or just simply don’t know where to start.