We all know wide body kits are the best way to go when you want your vehicle to stand out from the crowd and make a statement anywhere you go. The 2020 Lamborghini Urus with its detailed curves and body lines is one of those vehicles that just screams for some aftermarket adjustments. For this build we went with the Mansory Wide Body kit which consists of front and rear bumper, extended fender flares, side skirts, carbon fiber vented hood, roof and trunk spoiler, with a custom exhaust set up. To start a build like this first you must test fit all the parts to ensure they don’t need any type of body work or corrections before paint. All the parts were color matched in Bianco Icarus. On this particular build the customer did not want any exposed carbon instead he wanted gloss black accents with red details to enhance the front splitter, side steps and rear diffuser. For the red we used a special camera that can break down the formula to any color allowing you to color match anything you want which in this case was the red on the interior. A full Avorza Edition interior set up that consisted of an all-black base, white pipping and stitching, with small red details on the door panels, seats, and dash. This same red was also used on the calipers and wheel set up. On the wheel and tire set up we knew going into the project that we didn’t want to go bigger than 22s but wanted a wheel that can capture the elegance of this Lamborghini while still exposing its more aggressive sporty side. The Avorza AV62 Mono-block Forged was a perfect fit painted in gloss black with white accents and a thin red line separating the two colors for a more 3D effect. The way these wheels are engineered they create the illusion that the wheel is rolling backwards while the vehicle is in motion. On the rear the exhaust set up changes the location of the tips from the side of the bumper to a center triangular set up while the cat back system provides a deeper growl in comparison to the factory system. The best part is it still works with factory system allowing to change the sound depending on the drive mode you choose. To see this beast in motion and hear this exhaust snap, crackle, and pop Click Here to check out the video on our Youtube channel detailing this whole build from interior to exterior.