It was 2008 and everyone was glued to Olympics everywhere you went it was on all the TVs and had no problem getting the attention of all that passed by. Many great accomplishments were made by many extraordinary athletes from all over the world. Michael Phelps took home his eighth gold metal and Usain Bolt became known as the fastest man on Earth. From that point on you couldn’t bring up speed and not mention his name. So, what does the world’s fastest man do when he wants to slow down, relax and take a nice little drive? He jumps in an Avorza Edition Jeep Wrangler fully built just for his needs. With a 3” full fox suspension set up, 22” Avorza AVF44C Forged Wheels, and 325/50/22 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires there is no place this monster can’t go. It’s hard to miss textured matte black custom paint job on the exterior of this jeep with lime green and yellow accents. the textured paint is a special Rhyno liner paint that is mainly used in truck beds due to how durable the paint is. Since this build was being shipped to his home in Jamaica, we knew this monster was going to see real off-road conditions because I mean who wouldn’t love to take one of our Avorza Jeeps in some trails around Jamaica? We wanted to give him something that could take anything that comes its way but still gave him that matte aggressive style he was looking for. The Rhyno liner paint job was the perfect choice. VPR front bumper, Poison Spyder rear bumper and Crusher fender flares helped enhance the overall style we were going for. For the lighting we went with nine high powered LED round lights on the front end for that old school safari feel. You can never have too much light. In each of our builds we like to add something unique to its owner. Something that they request to make sure the build is a one of a kind masterpiece made just for them. In bolts case he wanted the Jamaican Flag colors to be incorporated into his build. this idea was brought to life in the interior with custom hand stitched seats in yellow, green, and black leather with yellow contrast stitching. The seats were finished off with his custom logo added to the center of each seat. Sound is important anywhere you go so a full sound system was a must. We went with a full Audison Hertz sound system and custom-built box with beauty panel all fabricated in house on our CNC. The final touch was a Magnaflow cat back exhaust system for a deep growl to create the feeling that he’s traveling as fast he can run on foot while cruising in the jeep. because its no secret he could out run the Jeep if he wanted too.