The new 2019 Mercedes G wagon compared to previous models is by far a huge step in the right direction from a style stand point. From the bull bar and GT styled grill to a rounder aero dynamic style all around it screams luxury and power. The new design however still has some components you would see on older models that add to the military rugged style the G wagon is known for. The 4.0L v8 biturbo engine puts out 577hp with 627 lb ft of torque going from 0-60 in just 3.9 seconds. That’s .9 seconds faster than previous models. While all these upgrades a great there is always room for improvement. And for 6-time All-star contender, 2-time silver slugger, and ALCS MVP Nelson Cruz of the Minnesota Twins a 2019 Mercedes G63 AMG Edition 1 just wasn’t enough. On the exterior we added a full Lumma CLR G770 Wide Body Kit all color keyed in Night Black Magno matte with gloss black accents. To enhance the wider more aggressive stance the body kit also comes with a custom LED light bar, rear spoiler and hood scoop. Instead the factory dual tip exhaust we went ahead and installed a full exhaust with 3 tips coming out of each side. And don’t worry the factory button for the exhaust still works so it can quiet down if needed. For the wheels on this build we went with 24“ Avorza AV57 Forged wheels in a gloss black finish. Since the edition one isn’t a easy model to get your hands on we left the factory decals on the sides and red accent on the mirrors to compliment the red calipers.