The Mercedes GLE coupe AMG 63S is a crossover like no other. The perfect balance between luxury and sports car. The 5.5L v8 biturbo engine producing 577 hp growls with every acceleration followed by the beautiful burbles with every downshift. With different drive modes like eco, comfort, sport, sport plus and individual it’s easy to have the GLE perform exactly how you want it. On the outside the Mercedes GLE has an amazing design but the matte black textured plastic around the fenders and bumpers don’t do the design of the car any justice. On the build we decided to color match all the plastics to the body color of the car and add some black and blue accents to really bring this beast to life. A 22″ set of Avorza AV53 Forged Wheels finished in gloss black with blue accents to highlight the blue accents around the exterior of the car. And the final unique touch on this Avorza Edition masterpiece a full blue interior with door panels and steering wheel to match. All custom made in house and hand stitched.