The new 2019 Lamborghini Urus. For a lot of us when we think back to 1993, we remember Jurassic Park, Michael Jackson performing at the Super Bowl, and Oprah’s interview with him 2 weeks later. Its one of the most watched interviews in the history of television. But there’s one thing a lot of us either forgot about or never knew existed and that’s the Lamborghini lm002. A fully capable off-road truck with military style and a v12 Countach motor under the hood. 1993 was the last year Lamborghini offered this truck and now 25 years later they have made history once more with the all new v8 twin turbo powered Urus. A four-door supercar with exceptional styling. However, we always find some room for improvement here at The Auto Firm. On this 2019 Urus for Great Friend Beto “Zumba” Perez we went with a full wrap in #m Satin Frozen Vanilla, painted gloss black accents and a full carbon fiber body kit. The carbon fiber kit is made by Topcar and replaces the factory rear diffuser, front splitter, fender flares, mirror caps and adds some carbon accents to other areas of the car. On the wheels we went with Avorza AV60 Forged Wheels with a gloss black and carbon fiber finish. We decided the wheel needed a little more contrast to bring the carbon to life and wrapped the center to match the vehicle. Inside is where the real magic went down. We gutted the whole interior from the seats to the dash. Drew up a new design that would bring out that supercar feel you get behind the wheel but still capture the luxurious style you would expect from a SUV of this caliber. A mix of red and black Italian leather with red accent stitching and custom hand-made black leather floor mats with honeycomb style red stitching and red accent pipping. With all these wonderful upgrades we just had to make sure the car would stay protected at all time so we went ahead and finished it off with a full Ceramic Pro Gold Package Ceramic coating inside and out.