The ultimate driving machine. A slogan BMW has stood by for years. With classics like the M3 and many others in the M series line up like the v10 M5 its hard to argue that the company doesn’t build ultimate driving machines. However, June 2014 BMW launched something that would change how the world views supercars forever. For years the idea of a supercar came with a huge powerful motor v8, v10, even a v12. That was the norm in supercar power and excitement. So, when such a well-known company launched the idea of a half electric half gas powered supercar many jumped on board. A small 3-cylinder turbocharged engine didn’t seem like much for a vehicle of this caliber but with numbers like 0-60 in just 4 seconds and top speed of 155mph the term supercar was well deserved. One feature I find unique is the fact that when the car is in sport mode it not only creates that v8 inspired roar but also charges up the battery. The v8 sound is all acoustic creating the feel and sound of a sports car without the typical sports car engine or mpg. The i8 is the complete package 29mpg is above and beyond numbers for a vehicle in its class. The futuristic body style enhances the feeling of driving something born well before its time. But here at The Auto Firm there is always room for improvement. We got this 2015 BMW i8 and wrapped it in 3m satin white cast vinyl. Painting accents in Frozen Blue Metallic a color unique to the BMW electric line up. Along with some gloss black accents to add to the contrast of white and blue. A fresh set of Avorza AV38 Forged Wheels were the perfect fit powder coated in Frozen Blue Metallic to really make the accents pop. A full ceramic coating to help protect the satin white finish and this vehicle was off to wow the streets of Miami and make a statement anywhere it went