Most of us can’t wait to jump into 2019. It’s always a good feeling when the start of something new approaches. Sometimes we even get a little too excited and decide to just get a little head start. For our friends over at Warren Henry Auto Group this was one of those things that couldn’t wait. They sent us over a 2019 Range Rover Supercharged for that Avorza treatment so it could start off the year with a bang. Already drawing attention from the exterior to the interior we knew this was going to be a project like no other. Outside the perfect balance of sport and luxury while making sure to exceed any expectations on comfort inside as well. It’s really an all-around great choice for your next vehicle but what if you don’t just want to enjoy the ride? Don’t just be comfortable make a statement. Make your presence known everywhere. That’s exactly what we did with this vehicle. This body styling kit changes everything from the front bumper to the rear bumper even adding visible exhaust tips for a sportier style. But it’s not just tips it’s a full custom exhaust adding the perfect amount of growl. Not an over powering rumble but more like an exhilarating purr every time you hit the gas. All accent pieces painted gloss black along with roof, grill and mirrors. On the front lip we went with a combination of white and black to make it seem as if the sides were individual pieces added on to the bottom of the bumper. The custom painted Ferrari red brake calipers really stand out behind the custom set of 24” Avorza AV57 Forged Wheels. This is truly a one of a kind masterpiece and is sure to turn heads anywhere it goes.