Bringing Dreams To Life

Here at the auto firm its not just about getting a car that cost 500k and giving it a complete makeover. Its about the passion all of us have for this business and excitement in the customers eyes when their dream car comes to life. Not everyone’s dream is the same some want a custom interior, others just want some wheels, maybe a little paint work. Simple upgrades that don’t cost too much but make a huge difference appearance wise. What if you had the chance to make your dream car a reality? Would you do it no matter what it takes? Well for Dennis McCain the answer was HELL YEAH! Dennis had bought a Ford Focus RS and upon receiving it noticed defects in the paint. Ford agreed to pay to correct the paint and that’s where we came into the picture. He called the shop and explained what was going on and how he didn’t want his car to be touched by any other shop he wanted to joint the #AutoFirmApproved movement. There was only one problem he lives a thousand miles away. We worked out the numbers for a full satin black custom paint job. A couple weeks later Dennis drove 1000 miles to Miami in one shot. Almost 17 hours in a car alone. He arrived to the shop showed us the defects and we went over our ideas. The first step was complete the car was here and now it was time to get to work. step one the teardown. In order for a full paint job to come out right no corner can be cut. The whole car has to come apart and be prepped flawlessly. Once the main color is done its time to move to the accent color. RS on the rear spoiler, custom Avorza front and rear badges made in house on our CNC machine replacing the ford logo, RS front and rear badges and last of all the calipers. All painted gloss nitrous blue to match the interior. Satin allows the body lines of the car to pop and adding a gloss accent color really adds to the wow factor. But we didn’t stop there. The final touch was adding custom color changing LED lights inside the engine bay, wheel wells, and under the whole car. All controlled via Bluetooth from your phone or a control that is offered with the kit. Just a simple paint job and some lights was enough to make Dennis’s dream ride a reality. He came to pick up his ride and was all smiles even got to have lunch with some the boys and see them install his custom LED light set up. It was an experience I’m sure he will never forget and neither will any of us here. He became more then just another happy customer that day Dennis became part of The Auto Firm family. Its builds like these that make us who we are. We just want everyone to have the chance to ride around in the car of there dreams made just how they want it. Thanks Dennis for the opportunity.